A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The Lineup is an interactive video game where you play as an investigator who is contracted in solving a bomb threat scenario. Deduce who the culprit is from a range of 5 suspects. This scuffed "who done it?" story has you digging through miscellaneous information given to you as the police find it, so you may begin to become overwhelmed with the amount of data. It's up to you to decide who planted the bomb!

The Lineup was created by:

Jake Klein - Main Programmer, Acting
Dylan Oelke - Programming, 2D art,  Acting, Filming
Dan Carmichael - 3D Art, Lighting, Acting, 3D Animations
Lance Pearson - 2D Art, Editing/Motion Graphics, Story Structure, Acting, Filming
Erik Potyen - Programming, 2D Art, Acting

Everyone contributed to writing the story (we're sorry). The Lineup was made within 48 hours as part of a UW-Whitewater GAMED Club game jam from 2/28/20 - 3/1/20.


TheLineupWindows.zip 525 MB
TheLineupMac.app.zip 528 MB


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